Handmade Journals

Custom themed journals infused with joyful Kate-itude

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Lyric Art

"Your song" lyrics painted into a memorable photo.

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Mixed Media Memories

Custom artwork created with personal items, quotes, and images.

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Custom Vinyl Work

Your personal quotes, drawings, & images cut into vinyl and applied on mugs, signs, t-shirts and more.

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Commemorative Art

A custom made piece using yours or your loved one's belongings.

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I'm a lifelong crafter and gift-giver. For years, I've been painting, quilting, designing and creating art out of found objects, always focused on my loved ones and on my own values: conservation, wellness, love and family. After many years of homemade art, I began designing special pieces -- mixed media paintings for a friend who lost a young daughter, custom t-shirts for a loved one battling cancer, t-shirt quilts for those who have lost loved ones -- and I saw, more clearly than ever, just how powerful art can be in our lives. We are all moved by what we see around us, and I believe we can all be happier and healthier if we surround ourselves with images that bring us joy. I want to help you find that joy in your daily life. Don't leave your precious mementos and keepsakes in a box in the attic! Let's design a way for you to see them every day. I want to help keep your loved ones and their keepsakes close to you through a custom work of art.


Let's Collaborate Together to bring art to your life!

Peruse these pages to see how many different ways your keepsakes can be turned into art. Contact me by phone 203-451-6373 or email me at sophistiKateMEnow@gmail.com.