I’ve always loved books. I love the feel of them, the weight of them, and the smell of them. I can’t bear to part with books even though most are available digitally now.  Using old books to make the journals is so meaningful to me. When I get a batch of old books, I cut the covers off and I save the pages to use in making the paper doll bodies or for use in other projects.  I drill holes through the book covers and then keep the covers handy. Anytime I am using paints on a project, I scrape my paint palette off with my knife and scape that paint onto a book cover. It doesn’t always look good as a stand alone image, but it becomes a great background canvas. I do the same to the inside covers.

When I’m ready to make journals, I pull out all my colorful papers and fabrics and favorite quotes and lay them on tables all around me in my swivel chair.  I start to see colors and patterns that work well together. I make piles of ideas mixing paper and fabric together. Being in the middle of all this color and texture is one of my favorite places to be!

When I’m working on a journal for a specific person, I may google images that make me think of them to get ideas; hippie, yoga, country girl, sophistication, etc. The images help me get my creative ideas going for my own design.

A great thing about working with paper & fabric is it can be moved around a lot before it becomes finalized. Once I have my image to my liking, I use mod podge to seal it. If the papers are curling or the fabric won’t lay flat, I put a piece of plastic over the journal and put it under a pile of books. When it dries it has a really cool crinkled look to it.  The mixed media on the covers creates a wonderful texturized surface. I repeat the process with the inside covers. 

The final step is cutting card stock  paper to fit the book cover, hole punching it with hole protectors, and tying it together.

I love reusing material and breathing new life into something old! Contact me if you'd like me to make a custom journal for you or look at the shop page to see what is currently available.