A Lifelong Love of Art

I am a lifelong crafter and have always had an interest in creating gifts with art. In my childhood I used to create gifts with mud I would dig up hoping it was clay. 🙂  I would glue shells onto driftwood that my relatives would sweetly hang on their walls. Telephone books (remember them?) would become spray painted Christmas trees after diligently folding page after page.  When I was a mother my favorite activity with my kids was making things together.

My Approach

Whether I'm working on a project for myself, a friend or family member, I take photos along the way to make sure I'm happy with the work and to log my progress. I get so caught up in the details that a photo helps me take a step back and see the project from a distance.  I listen carefully to the input of others and am happy to take suggestions and make edits. It is important to me that the final product is either what was imagined or grows into a new, better version that everyone is happy with.

I love when projects are personal and I'm thinking about the person I'm making it for. Working with someone's keepsakes or ideas helps me understand them better and envision a wonderful piece. Found objects in nature are a favorite of mine. Rocks from hiking, shells from the beach - there are many ways to incorporate them into artwork; paintings, dreamcatchers, kindness rocks, shaman sticks. Whatever the material: photos, papers, old clothes, rocks, shells, broken dishes, jewelry, and more, - I will find a way to work with it!

I love working with other artists and combining talents. I have collaborated with graphic designers, woodworkers, and photographers.




I majored in Psychology & Sociology with a minor in Women's Studies at Rutgers. When my children were older I started taking classes at the local community college which included; Art Appreciation, Art History, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Color Theory, Digital Photography, and more.

Let's Collaborate Together!

Peruse these pages to see how I can turn your keepsakes into beautiful works of art. Contact me by phone 203-451-6373 or email me at