My Art Studio

My Art Studio

I’m so grateful for time in my art studio and I never take it for granted. It is my happy place. The only downside of getting this website up and running is I’m missing my art studio so much right now. I’ve been too busy working on building my website that I haven’t had time to be where I love most, amongst colors, textures, germinating ideas all over the place – my art studio.

I’ve always tried to have a place carved out for doing artwork (or should I say art play?). A place for creating. It was actually my son who taught me the importance of having a space for work that is in progress.  When he was about 4 years old he spent many days (weeks?) working on a Kingdom of combined materials; legos/lincoln logs/matchbox cars/miniature animals. It was an amazing creation. It took up a large portion of our family room and was magnificent. I wish I had taken a photo.  I kept stepping on it as I walked through the family room, plus their father was not very supportive of messes. So, one day when Nick was at school I decided it was time I cleaned it.  Oh, how I wish I hadn’t! He looked at me with such a heartbroken and betrayed look. I felt like the worst mother in the world.  I promised myself, never again. So we built huge, child level creation tables covered in tile and we put them in the basement. I promised anything on those tables would remain untouched. It was a dedicated space to create.

When we moved and set up house again, I was conscious of having creation spaces for each of us. For myself, at first I had a little corner in the family room and played alongside my kids. As my crafts grew I moved to a larger corner in the basement. In my next house, half of my garage became my studio. I was afraid to use the word “studio”. It sounded too formal, not to mention I felt like I had “Imposter Syndrome” if I used the word  Artist to describe myself. Artists were people with degrees that did amazing work that sold for huge amounts of money.  I was just playing around and having fun.

When I renovated my summer home in Maine to become my year round home, I knew I needed an even bigger, dedicated space for my art play. I was lucky to be able to design a space exactly how and where I wanted it. Separate from my house, so I am not distracted by household chores, or phone calls; and I can escape there in the middle of the night if I can’t sleep without disturbing anyone. My studio is where I go to escape, to feel good, to work out difficult emotions, to feel like I’m doing important work,  to feed my soul, …to find myself.

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