Working with vinyl is my new love, though it took me a long time to get here. A few years ago I was inspired by seeing work my sister was doing so I asked her how she was making these very professional looking works. Turns out she had invested in a cutting machine, the Silhouette Cameo. The other one on the market is the Cricut. I had no idea what this machine was, but I knew I wanted one, so I bought it. When it arrived I took it out of the box, and immediately tried to use it. Never one for reading directions or watching tutorials, I quickly failed and I put it back in the box, frustrated.

A few years went by, my mixed media projects were taking off, and I realized it would be easier if I had a way to cut paper beyond using scissors.  That cutting machine was sitting in my studio taunting me. I dreaded learning it but knew I should not only because it would help my projects, but also because I  hate letting things go to waste. I promised myself that I would not allow myself to do any more art —no more fun! — until I learned this software and machine.

Sitting at the computer trying to learn a software program,  with many failed attempts and wasted supplies didn’t feel like art to me. But I persevered and not only did I succeed, I fell in love with a whole new form of art!

I started by following a group for beginners on Facebook, to see how they were using their machines and what they were making. I couldn’t stand wasting all the material I was playing with, so I started a canvas painting and tried all different applications on it. How does cut paper work for stenciling? Can I save the stencil and use it on the canvas too? What’s the best paper to cut words with (none to my liking). Does vinyl cut words better? (Yes!)  Wood signs were my first foray off the canvas. Then I tried cups. Then I was intrigued by heat-transfer vinyl and tried designing my own t-shirts. I loved it so I bought a heat press. The possibilities of using this cutting machine in my art was plentiful!  Not everyone wants a canvas, and the ability to easily make custom signs, coasters, t-shirts, etc., made creating art more accessible for all.

Now I have my eye on the  Glowforge 3d wood cutter. It’s a big purchase, so it will have to wait, but hopefully you will see cut wood signs from me in the future.

Contact me if you'd like me to make you a custom sign, a t-shirt, mug, serving plate.... or anything else you can think of!