My Garden and My Art

My Garden and My Art

April and May are the months I think about the garden. Even though there is still snow on the ground, I need to envision what I want, plan ahead, and start creating it by starting in the greenhouse. It never goes quite as planned but the garden is always wonderful and abundant.

With the garden on my mind, I’ve been thinking about how connected the process of my garden work is with my art work.   And super coincidentally, with all this garden on the brain,  I also just sold my favorite garden painting! My ideas are already germinating to make my next garden painting. 🙂 Feels like all of my little worlds are wonderfully in sync.

Or maybe it isn’t a coincidence. Maybe it is springtime and we are all thinking about the same thing - the garden. Whether we are gardeners or not we   want to see growth! Especially in Maine, where Spring seems to take her sweet time showing her beauty, as if we will admire her more for the wait (and we do!).  If I could help the daffodils along I would! But I must patiently wait for them to regale us.

There are so many ways that my studio  and my garden are similar. In the garden, seeds germinate with the right soil temperature, the right light, water, air, etc.  The same holds true in the art studio. Sometimes the temperature just isn’t right for a certain idea and another will germinate better. Some ideas need more water and light. Some ideas grow easily, others take their time and you’ll want to pull them out of the ground like the daffodils, but you need to patiently wait. Some of my art projects are like asparagus - I plant the seed but I have to wait 3 years to finally get to the full grown finished product. 

Sometimes there are a bunch of art ideas growing at once in the studio and I’m not sure what final shape they will take and then, surprisingly cross pollination!  I often leave many different projects out in different stages of development - in my attempt to not forget any idea that I want to pursue, I start them all - committing myself to finish each one at some point. To my wonderful surprise, so often these separate art projects jump into each other. I’ll find one art idea growing onto or into a different project than it was intended for. Or two ideas merge into one grand new idea. All of the sudden I see a project differently - my ideas cross pollinate together and create something new and wonderful. This has happened enough times to me, that I now purposefully leave different projects out and about in the studio in various stages of completion, and patiently wait to see what new ideas germinate.

I’m excited to see how my garden turns out this summer. I have all my plants started in the greenhouse. I’m also so excited to see what art ideas germinate with the new business underway, the stores opening in town, and a new garden painting to start.

I hope you are excited to see what’s around the corner in your lives.

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