Donna Cimarelli, Maren Sanchez Home Foundation

Memories of Maren

Kate’s artwork has not only had a healing effect on me after the tragic death of my daughter Maren, but she has inspired me to see transformation through art.  Her attention to detail has given me the gift of my daughter’s spirit on canvas with personalized writings and songs from the heart of a teenager. Kate’s skillfulness to take objects and writings and transform them into personalized keepsakes is unmatched. Kate intuitively uses her imagination to create whimsical, heartfelt, one of a kind artwork. I personally will be forever grateful for my Angel Kate.


Uplifting Cancer Treatment T-shirts

Kate strives to make this world a little more beautiful for people every day.

Having had a recent cancer diagnosis, it can be tough to keep your spirits positive. Kate has a unique ability of working your imagination into a project.

We found focus and strength when we evaluated how to keep a little more beauty close to the soul during this battle. Our messages were so uplifting and the shirts so popular, that every time someone  saw one Kate would get another batch of orders.

Keep fighting and keep up the great work!

Thank You posts on FB

Nicole Erin

Collaboration with Singing with Light Photography

Poem "Hamburgers for Breakfast" on Canvas

"I received such a spectacular gift from Kate Caskey DiBerardino yesterday! one of my poems, “hamburgers for breakfast”, turned into an art piece featuring maren’s fabrics and a photograph of the pier I mention in the poem. it’s so cool seeing my words like this. thank you again 💜"

"Never, in my wildest dreams, did I think I would ever see my poetry interpreted into art. Kate took a very personal poem I wrote about my friend’s passing, and breathed a life into it past pen and paper. She provided a new, unique interpretation on my own writing, and brought the memories back to life. Not a single person has come by without asking me a question about the piece, which I now have hung on my wall."


"So this came today.... ~ Thank you soooo much Kate!!!! 🐶❤️ I love it!!!"