Commemorate Life Events

We can create a unique work of art for any moment in life that needs to be remembered, cherished, honored, supported. Weddings, anniversaries, parties, welcoming a baby into the world, graduations, teacher appreciation gifts, marathon t-shirts ... --any situation that merits a custom gift, I can do it! And if I don't know how, I'll learn. 🙂

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Custom Designed T-shirts

I have made custom t-shirts for many situations, joyful and challenging. Whether it be for a bachelorette party, cheering someone who is undergoing difficult treatments, your personal business logo, --I can design a shirt you'd love.

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Creations with Clothing and Keepsakes

Clothing and keepsakes can be transformed into designs for dreamcatchers, put into paintings, dangled from shaman sticks or wall hangings View my gallery page to get ideas or contact me to brainstorm together to make a meaningful work of art.

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Custom Designed Wood Signs, Stickers, Car Decals and more

Do you have a logo you want on a t-shirt or car? A favorite saying you'd love on a wood sign or an a serving plate or tray?  A photo you'd like put on a button or coaster? Need a great gift idea for a special occasion? We can figure it out together. The possibilities are endless!

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Let's Get Creative With It!!

Not sure what to do with all that precious jewelry your kids gave you? Don't know where to put all those little keepsakes you have around? What about those shells you've collected on beaches, or the rocks you've collected on hikes. Let's take all the trinkets that say "This is Who I am" and make a shaman stick together.

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Commemorate a loved one

Whether by quilting together old clothes, making a mixed media painting with fabrics, saving a loved ones handwriting or voice in a work of art... -I can help you find a way to build a beautiful keepsake of your loved one forever.

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Let's Collaborate Together!

Peruse these pages to see how I can turn your keepsakes into beautiful works of art. Contact me by phone 203-451-6373 or email me at