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The process of starting a business when I'd rather be making art hasn't been "fun" but it is very important to me. It is hard for me to articulate the importance of art; for myself and for others.  I have witnessed profound changes in others, especially during difficult times, when making and receiving art. I guess that is art therapy at its best. My main goal in starting this business is to help others, to bring them joy, power, hope.

My sister is writing a paper for a marketing course she is taking and she captured my feelings better than I could. So this weeks blog is her company overview of sophistiKateME. Enjoy!

"SophistiKateME, a new endeavor by Maine artist Kate DiBerardino, was born from a love of creativity and a desire to give back. SophistiKateMe is art as therapy for those that have lost a loved one, are facing an inner battle, or have a desire to be surrounded by precious keepsakes turned into displayable works of art.  Bringing joy into the lives of those that are hurting whether it be creating custom photographs with favorite song lyrics, using a loved one’s t-shirt to make a quilt, or combining many items to create a mixed medium work of art has become the passion that drives SophistiKateME.

Kate started on this journey after creating customized mixed medium pieces for several close friends and relatives struggling to come to grips with defining moments in their lives. Kate was able to watch the healing process unfold as a mother memorialized her young daughter, a cancer patient fought her disease in custom t-shirts, and a widow was comforted with her husband’s clothing repurposed into a heartwarming quilt.  It was after creating these pieces that she saw “just how powerful art can be” (DiBerardino, 2019).

  Beyond the natural instinct for people to find joy in beauty, SophistiKateME is on to something by using treasured keepsakes.  A keepsake’s worth has little to do with its monetary value.  Familiar objects can help one keep their bearings especially when their life is changing quickly. Items kept throughout a lifetime are held for the stories they tell thus speaking to our values and connecting the past with the future ("Keepsakes," n.d.).  Many “things” therefore take on new meaning after a loved one dies and it can be hard to part with the emotional attachment that they hold (Berns, 2014, para. 2).  SophistiKateME provides another avenue for people to embrace these meaningful tokens in a way that honors their loved ones and family stories.

Recognizing that much of her work is stirring in itself, SophistiKateMe also offers other items such as location inspired wood signs, kindness rocks, handmade journals, as well as a variety of smaller companion pieces.  In all instances, the artist welcomes collaboration with the buyer so that every purchase can be customized to ensure joy.

Moreover, by collaborating directly with customers, this organization sets itself apart from other artists and personalization companies.  Consumers who are looking for a creative outlet to display their tokens and wish to have a voice in the process will find this company a perfect fit.  As a web-based entity, SophistiKateME can reach customers no matter where they reside. Pictures and videos taken along the way allow clients to participate and redirect at every step of the artistic journey.  While the artist might be the one physically creating, the buyer is creatively directing; providing therapeutic value along with the finished piece.

Artist Kate DiBerardino’s mission, thru SophistiKateME, is not only to bring life to the vision of her clients but enable them to heal by preserving memories uniquely and taking keepsakes out of drawers to commemorate stories, moments, and lifetimes in a personal way.  The company slogan “Custom art for the heart” embodies the empathy and perspective that is brought to each piece."

Thanks to Beth for writing about sophistiKateME!    


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